Review and pay all your bills in one system

  • Saving a lot of time and effort

    Which was consumed by the usual payment processes through bank branches, where now the customer can pay all the bills through the various banking channels.

  • Notify customers of their pending or unpaid bills

    While implementing any banking transaction other than bill payments via Automated Teller Machines or internet banking; this results in reducing forgetting to pay some bills.

  • Freedom and flexibility

    In using various banking channels to implement payments through the member’s banks. As well as customers can use banking channels of other banks, such as Automatic Teller Machines and Points of Sale for greater flexibility and more options for payment transactions and not to limit them on particular channels.

  • Speed and accuracy

    In providing bill information and reducing the need to carry paper money.

  • Review and pay your outstanding bills in one system

    And the ability to save the history of bills for retrieval upon request.