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Together, we go further

In SADAD, we play a role as the central matching authority for banks and billers in Saudi Arabia. Billers only need to connect with SADAD, rather than with multiple banks, to process bill payments. This simplifies the process for billers and eliminates the need for them to track payments across multiple channels. It also accelerates the deposit of payments into billers' accounts. Billers can receive their payments within one working day and accurate information about payments as they occur, which helps reduce errors and improve the accuracy of billing information.

By centralizing the bill payment process, SADAD helps reduce and eliminate the number of complaints and inquiries from customers regarding differences in the payment processes implemented by customers.

SADAD is an easy, safe, and convenient payment system that provides a number of benefits for billers. 

These benefits include:

  • Lower costs: help billers to reduce their costs by reducing capital expenditures, speeding up the billing process, and lowering operating capital. SADAD also provides a unified point of engagement, which can help billers to reduce costs related to customer service and billing transaction procedures.
  • Higher revenue: help billers to increase their revenue by improving cash flow, increasing the rate of revenue per user, and selling new services through SADAD's infrastructure. SADAD can also help billers to sell services to customers within the same category or between different categories through customer service representatives.
  • Improved Customer Service: enhances customer satisfaction and communication, establishes exclusive marketing methods by targeting specific groups of customers, and provides accurate billing information through updates on bill payments. 
  • Faster Payments: connects billers directly to their customers and reduces the time to obtain funds into biller's accounts within one working day.
  • Increased Transparency: provides complete and accurate billing information to customers which helps build trust and confidence.